Paul Rand had solid education in his early years; attended several schools and institutes in New York. He had also developed a keen interest in magazines of abroad production, like “Gebrauchsgraphic”. Though his early career path and first jobs didn’t include anything too fancy, he rapidly started to establish himself not only as a capable graphic designer, but a visionary art director in companies such as Esquire Coronet. 

But it was not until the 50s and 60s when he began to acquire fame and glory, through the creation of his mastermind corporate logos, for big companies like Westinghouse, ABC or IBM. By then, he was also lecturing at Yale University.

Paul was all about modernism and simplicity. According to his philosophy, simple is better, if the right amount of thinking is placed into it. He suggested that an idea doesn’t necessarily need to be “esoteric”, to communicate and cause an impression. One of his most popular designs, the Eye Bee M poster, was designed for IBM in 1981. And it’s still being used as reference and studied. 

So its not only his philosophy that survives him; some of the logos he designed in the 50s or 60s are still in use today - like the ones created for IBM or ABC. Undoubtedly, Rand’s influence can be tracked up to current design trends. Minimal and clean design is also portrayed on to the Web. Today, website graphic designers build on top of a standard that was built by Paul Rand. 

So whether these designers know about him or not, Rand’s ideas live through modern website design.Paul was inducted to the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame of NY in 1972. And he continued to be active in his later years, producing corporate identity even at the age of 72 - when Steve Jobs approached Rand to request the creation of corporate identity for his new company: Next Inc. in 1986.

 Paul Rand passed away on November 26 of 1996.

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